Wednesday, August 1

of late

  • I have too many thoughts bumping about in my skull to write a unified post.
  • How is this different from my usual posts?  Bullet points.  I've added bullet points.  
  • Oh, and I feel no guilt writing sans segues.  
  • Country music has sucked lately.  Too many fried chicken references.  
  • Fahrenheit 451 is better than I remember.  I'm glad I get to teach it.
  • "It was a pleasure to burn."  
  • Sometimes when I write weird things on my blog (cough, always, cough) it makes me feel super awkward when no one comments.  Kind of like I tripped down the stairs but instead of people laughing with me, they're staring with eyes full of pity.  
  • And sometimes I compulsively check my blog every two minutes after a posting, to see if anyone has acknowledged my strange mumblings.  
  • But don't pity-comment me either.  I mean, you can if you want  Nevermind.  Forget I said anything.  (I know 'never mind' is two separate words, but I'm leaving it smushed together, because it should be one word.  Take that, inner English teacher).  
  • Until today, I had been writing all my posts in the "HTML" option, instead of "compose" option.  Guys, HTML is not friendly to the computer-illiterate.  And I am computer-illiterate.  That's why I just realized how difficult I've been making this whole blogging thing.  Man, one little button and my life has been infinitely simplified.  
  • Today as I was leaving the library, I spotted a boy 40 yards away, directly in my path, walking in my direction.  To avoid the uncomfortable path-dodging that normally occurs when I get close to strangers, I started to veer to my right.  But, simultaneously, so did my stranger.  So I slightly veered left.  Only to be mirrored by the boy.  This went on until we were within inches of each other.  We narrowly managed to escape collision.  We did not, however, escape awkward acknowledgments of our near-collision.  
  • I've been cooking lately.  (This is a statement deserving of applause.  Maybe even some fist pumps).  
  • But I have a feeling this domestic train is going to crash and burn right around August 21st.  Thank you, school year.
  • You know what's sexier than a man who's good with cars?  A man who can admit he's not good with cars.  
  • Let's just say me and Conlin had a bonding moment at Autozone the other night.  Something about trying to replace the wrong bulb in my car. 
  • BREAKING NEWS: I have a right turn signal again!  I am no longer a non-signalling social menace! (Seriously, though, I have been without a right turn signal since April).
  • I witnessed a full-fledged primary meltdown Sunday.  And it was awesome.
  • Lord of the Flies is also better than I remember, but the last scene with Piggy made me feel sick.  
  • Paul gave me some great classroom-managment advice: if a student misbehaves, I should make them drink a gallon of milk in front of the class.  Surely this would go over well with administrators, but I don't feel like cleaning up the mess.  
  • Now, how to end a post of this nature?   Oh, like this:
  • Ice cream cones are delicious and goodbye.


  1. I read all of your blog posts and they are always witty and lovely. Perhaps to your surprise, though, I am an intensely awkward person in general so I don't usually comment to make myself feel like less of an imbecile.

  2. I read your blog posts religiously. I want to comment on every one of them (I think I do?) but sometimes I'm like... socially... is it acceptable to comment on one of Regan's blogs again. She must think I am the world's biggest blog creep.

    Bullet points are an excellent addition.

    Html mode hahahaha. That would complicate things. But I think you should make a blog button. I will advertise this great blog on my page because I believe the things you write.

  3. Oh Reeg... Don't worry I love your blog.. *pity eyes*

    No but really, I love reading it. :)

  4. Loved every bullet point. A gallon of milk is a great idea. Plus with no class room you may get out of cleaning it up? But I have a feeling watching the kid barf would be way worse for you than the kid chugging the milk? Haha. I did the whole HTML thing too! How come no one told us??? Good job for cooking regan! I am proud when I actually go grocery shopping. I love ice cream cones too! Way better than shaved ice.