Friday, July 15

Second Anniversary

Last week was mine and Conlin's second anniversary.

As this is clearly a sign of marriage expertise, I'm guessing you want advice.
Maybe you're hoping I'll offer up some quick and delicious meal plans. To you, I thank for the undeserved faith in my domestic skills. Conlin typically scrounges for meals at his parents', as cooking was not a skill I was blessed with and, even more unfortunately, not one I truly desire to master (I'm too picky to be a good cook).
Maybe you're hoping I'll offer up laundry secrets. That I can do. My secret? Conlin. For the last year he's been my go-to laundry guy (mostly because we're living next door to his parents, so it's more comfortable for him to sneakily use their washer and dryer...but still I acknowledge I am quite lucky in this arena). I know what you're probably thinking at this point: your husband does the laundry and YOU STILL DON'T COOK FOR HIM?? Trust me, he prefers I don't try. Once, the meal I made was so inedible we ordered pizza instead forcing it down.

Now you're starting to see why I don't have a 'domestic help' blog, huh?

Anyway, two years does not make one an expert on anything, really.
I don't know if there's an age that would make anyone an 'expert' on marriage. It's going to be different for everyone.

I married a great guy. And we're pretty happy together.

For us, there's no big secret to making it work. We just try to be nice to each other. And I have to admit, I have this marriage thing pretty easy. I couldn't have asked for a more understanding, funny, loving, easy-to-get-along with partner. (His looks certainly don't hurt, either). This has definitely been the best two years of my life. Conlin says the best two years of his life are still his mission, but this is a close second.

(That was a joke--he said no such thing. The other day Conlin told me he was going to start a blog, 'shiz my wife says', to refute my blog rambles. I would love to read that, wouldn't you?).

I hope you all find yourselves a Conlin someday. Or continue to appreciate the one you have.


  1. I remember when I first met you and you had just gotten engaged! Time flies......

    And I love your honesty in the domesticity department...I feel you, girl. Mark did our laundry every week the first year we were married, and still does when I forget to do it and he's all out of undies :/ Whoops!

  2. 2 years?!!! geez you guys are old hags!!!
    you crack me up and i love everything about this post!
    i just cooked my first 4 meals for jeff and i feel so accomplished it's amazing. it's like now i can die or something.
    tough stuff.

  3. CUTE! Yay. I love you guys:)

  4. Wow two years!.. and just so you know I think your blog is the most entertaining thing to read.. I think I laugh at every post. :) Love you regan!