Wednesday, May 19

i spy with my little eye...

So I have a confession. I've recently developed an attachment to spying on people. But I only spy on people I don't know, so that absolves me of a little guilt right? Maybe? Eh I dunno...

Anyway, our apartment window overlooks dentist-office parking lots. And, as many of you may know, Provo is disgustingly quick to boot/tow anyone parked after hours or without a permit. Even if you were just working late. Twisted as it is, Conlin and I find it incredibly entertaining to watch people as they find their car booted.

Just last night I heard a lady shriek, "What the ******(long list of obscenities)" when reaching her car. She worked at the office and had apparently left just a few minutes too late. Conlin and I quickly turned out our lights (we have to be sneaky), opened the window and crouched down to watch the havoc unroll. This woman was furious. Her and her friend stormed about the parking lot cursing whatever came to mind. We couldn't wait until the parking police came back to retrieve the boot, they were gonna get it. But, I hate to admit it, we got lost watching Parenthood and missed the parking lot finale. I imagine it was a good one.

I mostly love spying on our mysterious across-the-landing neighbor anyway. We live in married housing, and yet this guy is single. He speaks not a word (I tried introducing myself once to no avail) and receives random packages almost daily. Anytime I hear someone coming up the steps I bound over to my post at our door's keyhole to sneak a look. All in all, I've probably watched about ten encounters. I've even read a couple flyers posted on his door. (Ok the more I write, the creepier I realize I sound). I just can't figure him out. Drug lord? Serial killer? Secret scrapbooker? Who knows. I move in about a month and do not think my spying will uncover any satisfactory conclusions. It's probably a good thing this is merely a means of entertainment, not my profession.

If for whatever reason my neighbor is reading this--hello there. I was exaggerating about watching ten encounters. It was probably only five. Please don't sue.


  1. haha! i want to spy with you!

  2. Love it! :D I bet he's a scrapbooker. lol. I love reading your blog!