Friday, July 30

public bathrooms, where disasters occur.

So I just ran into the BYU library bathroom; as I entered an old lady looked over at me from the sink. I entered my stall as the women started commenting about the odd setup of the bathroom. I saw nothing strange about it but acknowledged her point, and made a little small talk. As did someone else. SHE WAS NOT EVEN TALKING TO ME! Her friend was in the stall over and man, did I feel stupid. The lady was probably like, "Why on earth is this girl interrupting our conversation?" Anyway, I decided to wait in my stall until they left so as to avoid eye contact. I heard them leave but decided to do a feet check just to be safe. (I promise I don't do this often). I bent down, scanning the floor. Surprise, surprise...someone was standing at the mirror! And, I feel pretty confident, saw me peeking under the stalls. Could I have looked more perverted if I tried?! So I had to wait even longer for this newcomer to leave before I could make my getaway. I think I'm going to wait awhile before I brave another public restroom.

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