Monday, August 22

Hermitism in Remission

I love visiting friends and family and am always happy when people invite Conlin and I (Conlin and ME? Psh...and I'm an English Major.) to hang out. I consider myself a people person and really do love spending quality time with others.

Left to my own devices, however, I turn into a hermit. It's not intentional. It just doesn't often occur to me to call anyone. I've been like this as long as I can remember. If people called me in High School, I was always up for socializing. If no one called, I was equally happy to stay home and either read, or spend time with the fam. I don't mean to be introverted; I just didn't inherit my mom's tendency to constantly reach out to others (to everyone, really. I'm pretty sure the woman could get Trappists monks chit-chatting for hours!).

Anyway, it's long been a goal of mine to be more outgoing. I'm glad I can be content on my own (save my husband's company), but know that by keeping to myself I'm limiting the number of great relationships I could be forming. Gratefully, I have extroverted friends. Over the past couple of weeks we've been able to spend a lot of time with others, and it's shown me the benefits of not being a little hermit weirdo.

So, with school starting, my goal is to make social time more of a priority. Sure, homework/work/Conlin still hold the trump cards, but if I organize my time efficiently, I'll be able to involve others in my life.

I think for a long time I felt self-indulgent having fun with others, because it seemed like there was always something I could/should be doing for school or work. But social time is a healthy and deserved part of life and I really want to make sure I don't completely shut myself up this semester (for Conlin's sake as well as mine!).

So, hopefully you lovely people will be hearing from me.
(Maybe next year I'll try to make blogging a priority?...this year's not looking likely).

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  1. dude... you and i are hermits together... or we could just get together then we won't be... right? :)

    ps. conlin and me is correct :) haha