Saturday, January 21

thank you?

I do not enjoy being trapped in elevators with strangers. I always feel like I missed that class in elementary where they taught everyone elevator etiquette. But then the person next to me talks and I remember, they missed that class too.

Invariably, if it's just me and one other person, the following scenario occurs:

{In an attempt to fill the awkward silence} Stranger 1 clears throat and says, "So, you look like this famous person. I can't remember the name, though!"

And they're smiling so I reply, "...thank you?"

I feel pressure to say thank you because it seems like they're trying to be nice, but I also feel conceited by assuming that was supposed to be a compliment. Because famous is just as much a synonym for 'beautiful' and 'talented' as it is for 'trashy' and 'gross.' There's a lot of middle ground, and I just never know how to correctly respond. Also, note the gender neutral 'the name.' Stranger 1 may not even be comparing me to one of my XX companions.

It's a puzzler, people.

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