Tuesday, June 26

chocolate-covered chins

When we pulled up to my parents' house Sunday night, I noticed an unfamiliar car parked out front. Within seconds of turning off my ignition, my little sister bounded out of the house, grabbed my hand, and, with surprising strength, dragged me inside. In a single breath she relayed, "Five minutes with these kids and you'll be ready for babies." Bless that child's heart, she cannot wait for me to reproduce. Like, I think she would have been secretly elated if I had gotten pregnant in high school. Junior high, even.

Anyway, I just deleted a flurry of paragraphs where I discussed mine and Conlin's views on having children. It just didn't seem like something I should blog about. It's intensely personal and varies between individual couples, as it should (we aren't the same people, so why would we adopt/harbor the same philosophies?). Bottom line: we will have children someday. But we're leaving that date vague. (Although my sister's plan almost worked: I had half a mind Sunday night to go home and flush my birth control down the toilet. But then I thought: that might flood the bathroom. So, I refrained).

Man. Who would have thought sharing a funny picture would lead to such an unintentional therapy session? Not I. I'll be careful to have a game plan next time I sit down to blog.

But, while we're talking babies, here are more pictures of my cousin's children. The girl in the bottom photos is named Camille, but they call her Squishy. There's really no need for an explanation. Also, her and Conlin have kindred spirits--she's laid back and needs/indulges in frequent rests. They differ in the fact that she gives a MEAN evil eye; Conlin could never do so convincingly.

By the way, she ate whatever morsels she found under that rug. We're all for self-boosting the immune system.

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