Monday, June 18

my last couple months in unrepresentative photos

I follow a handful of blogs that do periodical "My weekend in Pictures" posts; these are some of my favorite to read. The following is a mock example that exemplifies everything that's wrong with my blog, from its total lack of theme to the wildly inconsistent posts. (And I shouldn't have said it exemplifies EVERYTHING that's wrong with this blog, because that is a judgment call. Rather, it exemplifies a handful of things wrong with it).

(Another thing wrong with my blog: author has no technology skills. Thus, four pictures instead of twenty, and radically skewed sizes. May my children be better prepared for the evolving world).

Aaaaand, side note (because isn't this blog, in essence, one large side note?): I have a kind of photophobia which makes getting my picture taken difficult. I think it stemmed from being a photographer's daughter and having unfair expectations heaped on me. Thanks, world.

Side note number two: judging from the last two photos, I seem to have an affinity for stripes and being on the far right side of group photos (my right, viewers left). Two photos may not seem like a lot, but statistically speaking, we're looking at 100% of my group photos, so...
take that as you will, I guess.

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