Friday, February 15

orifices of a special variety

Student: "Mrs. Gull?  I need to ask you a definition."
Me: "Of what?"
Student: "I think it might be dirty."
Me: "Then maybe you should ask your parents."
Student: "My dad was the one who told me to ask you!"
Me: "Your dad told you to ask your English teacher the definition of a dirty word?  Really."
Student: "Yeah.  After he called me it."
Me: [succumbing to curiosity] "I give.  What's the word?"
Student: "*Orifice."
Me: "What makes you think that's dirty?"
Student: "Because he told me I was being an anal orifice."
Me: [snort laughing] "I like your dad."

*Orifice: Noun.  An opening, as of pipe or tube, or one in the body, such as a nostril or the anus.



  1. Your style of writing completely cracks me up...very talented lady. AND I can relate to your hilarious student interactions because I teach second graders. I'm always astonished at the similarities between your students and mine. Happy weekend!

  2. Hahaha I seriously laughed for so long after reading this and I showed my husband it and he laughed forever too. Your posts are always so funny and you're such a good writer.