Monday, July 29

Let's Tickle Each Other

My aunt and her four delicious boys are staying with my family this week.  They have convinced me I will be an absolute terror when I have children because I think everything they say or do deserves an extensive blog post, instagram, tweet, etcetera.  I mean, don't get me started on how cute they are when they eat Cheetos.  Or how innovative their lego creations are.  Or, heaven forbid, fat baby legs.  You will just not hear the end of it.

But I shall practice restraint and only relay a quick story about boobs.

Kai [pictured above] has grown fond of the game, "let's tickle each other."  The rules?  Lay with your arms extended while the other person tickles you.  I'm not positive what constitutes losing, but as a rule I am always the loser.

After the first few rounds of tickling, a pattern developed.  Whenever it was Kai's turn to tickle me, he'd profess he was aiming for my "tummy," but would end...quite a bit higher.  His mom would remind, "Kai--tummies are lower."  

But, honestly, I don't blame the child for his confusion.  
The following is an understatement: his mom is well-endowed [like ka-pow].  I, on the other hand, have an, "athletic build."  In comparison to his mother, he must have assumed my tatas were simply an extension of my stomach.  Thus, the tickling booby attacks.

[Meanwhile my dad and husband are muttering the likes of, "Sure, we laugh...but he knows exactly what he's doing."]

The following clip showcases Kai making a grab at 'em.  Enjoy.


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