Thursday, April 22

devil food

I cannot fully express the complete sense of relief I felt upon awakening yesterday homework, no finals, nothing. It was utter bliss. For about two hours. And then I was summer plague. Why do I do this to myself? I go crazy during the school year--homework every night until two, meltdowns (Conlin will be my witness, bless him), no time for myself, etc. But then when I finally have a chance to relax, I almost wish I was stressed out again. Ha. Maybe I should be institutionalized. I'm just hoping this blog coupled with a few jobs (should I find them) will keep be busy until summer classes start. I will not let myself go crazy this summer. I just won't.

Anyway...I've been trying to eat healthier lately (ok trying might be too strong a word...I've been considering eating healthier). And it is HARD. I don't understand why this is always such a struggle for me. I normally feel (and look) like crap after eating junk food, so why the appeal? Why do I daydream of pizza and ice cream? I feel better when I eat healthy food and yet it still makes me grumpy. Seriously...I'm that crazy lady that sits on campus chewing on carrots and cucumbers, snarling at innocent passer-bys. If you were a victim of my snarling, I apologize. I'm trying to get it under control.

Maybe I get grumpy because I feel like junk food teases me. It won't even sound all that good, but the fact I can't have it makes me mad. I swear some days I hear the frozen pizzas whispering, "Oh come're not that fat. Forget about the world, I love you the way you are...come enjoy.." Satan pizza. We are no longer friends.

But on a more positive note--summer is lovely, life is good and I love my husband. I'm really not this pessimistic, I just felt like ranting a little. Love you all.

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  1. YES! I am so happy you have finally started a blog! I already love reading it (as I knew I would) you are hilarious. and you are not fat. in fact. you can and should eat all the frozen pizzas you want! Well congrats on being done with the semester. I am glad you survived! love ya.