Monday, April 26

hoy fue un buen día

For whatever reason, I've just felt off the last couple weeks. Lazy, unmotivated, bored...all combined with a constant headache. Seriously, I've been a waste of a human being. Guess how many naps I took last friday? If you guessed...drum roll...three, you are correct. How disgusting is that?

But that little phase of mediocracy is over I tell you! I feel totally like myself again. Today was just a good day. I was stretching before my run this morning when a girl in my ward ran past with her mom (whom I knew from spanish class). They invited me to go with them and I did, after some slight hesitation. It was seriously the most fun I've had in awhile! I never run with people because I worry about either not keeping up with them or going too fast (some days I'm a decent runner, some days a wheez-machine. Normally the latter), but I think I'm going to start doing more partner runs.

I just needed a dose of endorphins to jolt me out of my state of worthlessness. I once again feel motivated to do something with my life. Conlin laughed Friday when he heard about my sleep extravaganza, saying, "I think homework and work are good for you. You go crazy sitting around." Amen. Starting out my mornings with a run or trip to the gym is perfect for me. It's a small thing but it affects the rest of my day.

I just signed up for a half-marathon taking place in August. I did it last summer and it resulted in a whole lot of chafing and sore muscles. But now I know what I'm in for so maybe it will be less miserable (that's all I'm going for--not wonderful, just less miserable). I remember the last couple of miles last year...I was on the verge of puking when I vowed never to participate in such self-torture again. But here I am again. I just like training for a purpose, so I guess this is what I get. My dear friend Rachel Bradley is doing it with me, so at least I have a partner in crime (or pain).

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  1. yay for self mutilation! we are so much wiser this year though, i have a feeling it will be great!