Wednesday, May 26


So I went for a little run this morning. I was feeling pretty good when I stopped halfway to stretch; that's when I realized my mouth felt really sticky. So I decided to spit (a sport in which I have very little practice). Conlin spits all the time and it looks so easy. But I am telling you...not always the case. Have you seen Mulan? When she tries to impress the soldiers by spitting? spit attempt was very mulan-esk. It was the worst. And I'm not so sure it went unseen. I probably looked like...let's see...when a baby is on the floor looking clueless and drooling on his toys? Yeah. I was just a bigger version. EMBARRASSING.

When I told Conlin about my little episode he just went, "Babe, you just got to put a little force into it."

Well, excuse me. I'm new at this.

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