Friday, May 28

my running husband

Oh my dear, sweet husband...he hates running with a passion. But I really wanted to do a night run and couldn't go by myself (the trail is a bit suspicious) so he went with me. And hated every step of it. But he stuck it out, the trooper. And man am I happy he was with me...I've only ever ran this particular trail during the day, when it seems so open and harmless. Not so in the have to run through these underpasses which, during the day, are lit up just fine. During the night, pitch black. I kid you not, when I reached the middle of one particularly shifty underpass, I could not see an inch in front of me. I'm normally pretty good with the dark, but this kinda freaked me out. I'm surprised I didn't run into one of the walls...and, irrational as it was, I was seriously worried about stepping on a dead body or something. Even at the time I knew it was an irrational fear, but it still scared me.

Anyway, we're alive. And Conlin's the best for doing something he hates so much. The end.

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  1. love your blog, cute girl! -i try and get ben to come running with me all the time. . .maybe if i'm lucky he'll come. haha but i'm glad that we are running buddies now!! xoxo