Sunday, May 16


Friday night Conlin and I stayed out rather late playing games with friends (Ok, it was only 1:30...but it was like we were a young, dating couple again!). I worked two jobs the following day (yesterday), my shift at Color Me Mine not ending until midnight. At about 9:30 p.m. I hit a wall...I seriously cannot remember the last time I was that incredibly tired (can anyone say grandma?). Anyway, after work I went straight to bed, looking forward to a long night of sleep.

But my stupid mind got in the way. I had vivid dreams I was still at Color Me Mine working...everyone needed my help, no one would leave, etc. etc. I woke up about seven times and actually sat up or got out of bed to help someone. ANNOYING. I think working at Color Me Mine until midnight is sufficient, I should really not have to work there via my dreams until the wee hours in the morning. But I never did fall into a normal sleep. Gah.

Maybe I'll try again in a couple hours. Please don't join me Color Me Mine customers.

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