Thursday, September 16

boob. buh ooo buh.

Hope this doesn't offend. (always a great way to start a post..)

I received this phone call while at work this morning:

Me: Color me Mine, This is Regan.

Stranger: Hi. I'm just wondering if you have any boob cups? (she pronounced boob: buh-ooo-buh. I think she wanted to make sure I understood the question).

Me: Uh.. (trying to process what she said. a few reruns later, I knew there was no mistaking the question). No. We don't, but you could probably turn one of our cups into a boob mug if you wanted. (It was at this point my co-worker peeked around the corner, a strange expression on her face).

Stranger: But you don't have any that're actually shaped like a boob? I really want the shape.

Me: Yeah, no. We don't have any, sorry.

Stranger: Alright, thanks anyway.

And I know what you guys are probably thinking: "Don't be so gullible Regan. It was a total prank."

But I'm telling you, as an experienced prank-caller, this was no joke. It sounded like an older woman, her voice did not crack once, and I heard not the slightest giggle in the background. For humanity's sake, I wish it was a prank call. But it wasn't.

I guess boob cups are just in demand these days. Which leaves me wondering, what would a boob cup look like exactly? Is the handle a bra strap? Where do you drink from? Would little boobs be tea cups and big boobs make beer mugs?

Too far. Sorry. The call just left me curious, that's all.

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