Monday, September 20

Cortizone Cream

I need more sleep.

For example:

Last night my neck was really bothering me. In an attempt to ease my discomfort, I slathered the pained area in Icy Hot. Except for it was really Cortizone cream I was lavishly massaging into my skin (not sure how I misread the label- it clearly reads, "Cortizone Cream"). Once I located the Icy Hot I decided my forehead/temple area was hurting too (thank you headache) so I rubbed Icy Hot on that area as well. Which just made my eyes water. (I know it was an idiotic plan, but tired Regan has the IQ of a five year old).

Then this morning I went to sign a homework assignment. My signature read, "Regain Gulls."

Geeze Louise.

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