Monday, October 25

golden room.

This morning was phenomenal for only one reason (not, surprisingly, the crappy weather. Or me sleeping through my first class. Or my car not starting). It was phenomenal because I got to get ready while listening to Conlin sleep talk.

I flipped on the light to get dressed as Conlin rolled over, proclaiming, "You gotta get ready in the golden room, girl (or guuurl, as he pronounces it). The golden room is where all the best playas play. And you're a winner reegs, you're a winner." At which point, he jabbed his finger in my direction. "You get dressed in the golden room, reg, like Joe Cada (a famous poker player. I googled it). Because, reg, you. Are. A. Winner." He then put a pillow over his face and began to snore lightly.

He may have been 98% asleep while professing such, but he seemed pretty darn sincere. I'm glad to know his subconscious is on my side.

A few other note-worthy occurrences:

1. Basketball season has officially started! I coach at a private school across the street from Timpanogos temple and I LOVE it. Although I detest tryouts and cutting people (from the team, not with a razor blade. Although I assume I would detest cutting people with razor blades as well--I currently have no experience). We had a lot of girls try out this year, which made forming the roster a rather miserable experience. By the end of tryouts I feel like I'm good friends with everyone, so I feel like a heartless, dream-crushing monster deciding who to keep and who to let go. Maybe I could invite the girls who didn't make the team to be in a knitting club with me or something (yeah yeah- flawed logic. I don't knit and the girls would likely find it an unsavory substitute for basketball. Maybe a cooking club?). I'll let you know how the season goes.

2. I had a handful of pepperonis for dinner tonight. (No, that was not a typo. I ate pepperonis, not pepperoni pizza). I should maybe hit up the grocery store...
Whoops. I told you these would be note-worthy occurrences. Pepperoni eating probably doesn't qualify, sorry.

3. Conlin and I are moving to New York in less than three months!

Just kidding. I only added that because I felt I should have more than two bullet-points.

And I guess that's my cue. Adieu.


  1. you are hilarious! and en excellent writer, i might add:) xoxo

  2. Wow you had me really going there with number 3!

  3. Like all your blog posts...I laughed OUT LOUD in the "Media Center" (formally known as the "LRC")at this one. Where in the world did he get that from?!

  4. haha that is so so funny. you are so blasted cute regan i love you! and i was about to kill you when i read the new york thing. THANK GOODNESS IT ISN'T TRUE. lets play:) loves!

  5. Haha regan! I just found your blog, this is hilarious! AND i CANNOT believe the boob mug situation! Haha that is seriously SO SO FUNNY. I love it! You handled it so well! I would have totally done something totally goofy!
    I love your blog!