Thursday, November 4

freud would eat me alive...

The other day in my creative writing class we did a little exercise; we were given a paper with random sentences and blanks, and then instructed to-as quickly and with as little thought as possible- fill in the blanks with the very first thing that came to mind. The first sentence read: Blue paint spilled on the road like---

And then we had to finish the sentence. Wanna know what I came up with?

Blue paint spilled on the road like tortoise. Tortoise?!

And I am an English Education major. The rest of my sentences got progressively worse, if you can believe it.

I would share them with you but they could be interpreted as rather racy freudian slips. (Which I hope isn't indicative of my subconscious or writing potential...)

And yes, I know I just blogged about...well, nothing. Please forgive me- I'm running on four hours of sleep.

I'll leave you with this thought: "I think a good product would be "Baby Duck Hat". It's a fake baby duck, which you strap on top of your head. Then you go swimming underwater until you find a mommy duck and her babies, and you join them. Then, all of a sudden, you stand up out of the water and roar like Godzilla. Man, those ducks really take off! Also, Baby Duck Hat is good for parties."
-Jack Handy

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