Thursday, December 16


You might be sick of hearing people talk about finals I'm sorry to jump on that bandwagon. But you want to know WHY people can't stop talking about finals? Because finals week is both sickeningly stressful and unimaginably relieving. Seriously. Finishing finals is right up next to my wedding day. And Red Mango. And Paige jeans.

You with me now?

Ah. I'm just so glad to be done. I've been awake since 5:00 a.m. YESTERDAY morning. 33 hours and counting. So I'm still a bit frazzled, but feelin pretty good nonetheless.

To celebrate I think I will blast some tunes, clean my apartment, and do a little jig. Or a big jig--maybe even on my kitchen counter. Non-stressed Regan can be pretty spontaneous you know.

Oh, but let me tell you about a little incident that occurred yesterday. It was about 2:00 p.m. and I had been up since 5:00 a.m. (which, considering the sleep-deprived state I'm in now, doesn't seem all that dramatic). I was studying in the library when I decided to take a little cat nap (I was in my own little cubby/desk section--mostly hidden. So yeah sleeping in the library is weird, but it wasn't THAT weird). Anyway, I set my alarm on my phone thinking that it would just go off for a second, I would wake up in time to swiftly turn it off before drawing attention to myself, and all would be well.

Here's how it went instead:

Alarm goes off.
I wake up.
I try to turn said alarm off.
Alarm keeps blaring.
I turn bright red.
Still can't get my arms to function well enough to turn off alarm.
Alarm still going....
Finally. Get it turned off.

And, so you're picturing this correctly, I'm sure my hair was in a lovely post-nap afro, I probably had a huge, red, I've-been-laying-on-my-desk stamp on my forehead and--although I'm pretty confident this wasn't the case--I might have been drooling.

Let's just say I was, for dramatic purposes.

Lovely, huh?

Pretty sure everyone wanted to shoot me. And I'm pretty sure my alarm was ten times louder than normal.

Oh well. Finals are done. My alarm is off. Time to get dancin.

Hope you all are having a lovely time as well.


  1. Hahahaha. Oh Regan. The part about both your arms being asleep made me laugh aloud.

  2. k so..i pretty much think you are the funniest person in this world. Your comment for the giveaway made my day! haha I hope you win just for that reason. (I wish i could choose the winner myself) so I will just cross my fingers that it's you. shhhh....