Monday, January 17


Sorry I've been MIA.
I've got a lot of catching up to do, but it is quite late. So our klatsch ('s word of the day) will have to wait. But here's a snippet of recent happenings.

{I hope those of you that know me well appreciate this historic moment. I, Regan Gull, am about to post pictures. For the first time EVER. Applause is welcome. }

The first picture is at the BYU vs. Fresno Pacific game, the other pictures are just Conlin..ya know...looking sexy. Enter: braids.

Also, we got Xbox Kinnect for Christmas. I took some pretty rockin pictures of Conlin and his family playing, but--as I was about to upload them--was informed I would be shunned by the in-laws if the pictures were made public. I'll try to change their minds so you can share in the viewing delight.


  1. As indicated by the heinous format above, I have yet to get the hang of the picture thing. I'll keep trying.

  2. your children will be so smokin' hott with their long brown locks!! K i have to tell you...almost every day Mark will whine to me (because I keep asking him to go get a haircut) and say "But I want long hair like CONLIN!!" *pouty face*. It's so funny! We miss you guys