Monday, December 6

Sometimes I wish...

I was one of those people who spent all their time being chic and craftsy and watching foreign movies (and actually enjoying them).
And I spoke five different languages and had a plethora of brilliant movie quotes ready for any given situation.
And I had bouncy, shiny hair that made people stop and say, "Oohhh. Check out that shiny hair."
And I cooked. (I was going to say I wish I cooked delicious, fancy, five-course meals. But I should start with just cooking period).
And I liked eating healthy.
And I was one of those people that could work out, shower and be ready by 8:00 a.m. (also, I wish I could wake up in the morning without thinking swear words).
And I thought training for a marathon was a piece of cake.
And I got 100% on every exam and assignment.
And I was an incredibly talented writer.
AndI liked exotic foods.
And I didn't revert to my awkward junior high mannerisms when in an uncomfortable situation.
And I could drink coffee (just because it looks sophisticated).
And I could find time to work in soup kitchens and save the world.
And I had read every booker prize book winner.
And I could play guitar and sing.
And I was the most incredible female athlete to grace Utah's presence.

But most of the time I'm pretty happy just living my life.
Going to school and work and living in the library, visiting my apartment on occasion.
Laughing a lot because Conlin is a goof.
And dancing on my counter then leaping off, impressing Conlin with my dance moves but smashing my shin on a sharp corner and pretending like it didn't hurt because that would just add to the ridiculousness of my situation (but Conlin smiling because he knows my shin hurt).
And eating macaroni and cheese for dinner and gagging down green drink in the mornings.
And being tired all the time.
And dancing to music in my shower in the middle of the night, because I need to wake up and finish my homework.
And just being pretty normal.

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  1. but then you wouldn't be you! haha i love regan:) and in my opinion you are one of the most pulled together and sophisticated people i know. and as for the shiny hair... LOOK IN THE MIRROR! you have THE shiniest hair ever and i am completely jealous. you beauty you. amazon woman. hahaha love you!