Tuesday, November 23


I pulled into our garage the other day, without issue. I was not so fortunate while attempting to exit, however. Our garage opens from both the front and back (the back side leading to our basement apartment)but there's no keypad attached to the back door so you have to push the 'close' button and then leap over the sensors when exiting. Typically, I am a very graceful sensor-jumper. The other night, however, our walk ways were covered in ice, which impeded my jumping strategy. I didn't want to leap full force onto a sheet of ice (Conlin and I can only afford so many major surgeries in a year), so I tried timidly hurtling the sensor. Boy, that thing's touchy! I swear I was clearing it, but I had to try SEVEN TIMES before I made it! Each time, I'd think I'd be in the clear when that darn garage door would re-open. I must have looked like a complete goon squealing and leaping--in a very ungainly fashion, I'm sure--time and time again. I don't think anyone saw me, which is a relief. Although I would feel guilty denying my good neighbors of such high-end entertainment.

Yesterday (I couldn't think of how to segue into this story, so just go with it...) Conlin and I were sitting at the kitchen table doing homework (actually no--I was doing homework, Conlin was making faces at me) when my mom called. We chatted for a little while then hung up. A few seconds later my mom called again. This time, a little girl's voice greeted me. I assumed my mom had ran into some relatives or something, and continued talking to the little girl--whom I could barely hear. After a minute, I noticed Conlin was cracking up. The little punk was prank calling me! He has an app on his phone which allows him to impersonate other people (his number appears as someone else's) and there's a voice-change option. He had selected a little girl's voice and then set the phone down on the table. All I had heard was my voice echoing through his phone! Man alive. I should know better by now.

But I'm glad I married someone that still likes prank calls. Because I still like prank calls. And I'm glad we dance to gangsta music in the kitchen and play tricks on each other. I'm glad Conlin tries to rap like Lil' Wayne and impersonates the God Father (if anyone is conscious-less, you should get Conlin drunk and convince him to do said's really the most entertaining thing). I'm glad we are weird together.

To all you single ladies--marry a closet weirdo. It's the best decision you'll ever make.

The end.


  1. Your husband sounds like a awesome guy.

  2. amen to marrying a closet weirdo. best decision i ever made:)