Monday, February 7

What a goof...

I took a shower earlier tonight. I was blasting a little Rihanna (part of my shower ritual) and did not hear Conlin enter the bathroom. I started to shampoo my hair, eyes closed. That's when Conlin reached over the shower door, poked my forehead, and hid around the corner. What a goof. I could see him in the mirror, grinning to himself; every time (tangent: why isn't everytime with no spaces a word? It should be) I closed my eyes, Conlin would poke me in the forehead. What a silly man I married.

1 comment:

  1. i write everytime as one word too!!! i swear we were taught that way because i'm pretty sure i didn't make it up! and now that i know you do it too it makes me feel that i'm right!