Monday, February 28


I am now a certified Eyelash (I'm not sure if there's a correct title. Eyelash Extension Specialist?)
Anyway, I can now do eyelash extensions!
So come one, come all.
I absolutely love mine; I no longer look like a boy when I leave the shower! And, sad as this is, lash extensions have lowered my school tardies about 95%.
Anyway, if you want them, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at My prices are a lot cheaper than the salon's.

And I promise my next post will not be an advertisement!


  1. Regan! I didn't even knew you did these! haha I just got mine done for kicks and giggles and they're awesome! they cut the makeup time down by like half! love it :D

  2. Oh my! I was just barely looking at getting some. Now I know someone close that can do it!