Tuesday, October 4


If you can't get ahold of me the next couple days, I'll probably be in the hospital due to a caffeine overdose sponsored by Monster, Red Bull, and 5-hour-energy. Special thanks to English 495 and 365 for assigning 16 hours of research and a 13 page and 8 page paper due the same day.

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  1. Regan! HI HI HI!!!! Eventhough didn't choose your number...I will totally design something for ya so in a way I guess you're a winner too! shhh don't tell. Thats what family is for right?! :-)

    And I think you are pretty your posts! :-) anywho email me of what you want and I'll put something together for you!

    xoxoxo Tell brunette Fabio I say hi! :-)