Monday, September 26


The fall sunshine spilling over cars, glinting off windows; even from the library confines, I know it’s a fall sunshine, different, somehow, from the summer’s rays. It sounds like the Weepies and Nora Jones, and looks like slouchy sweaters and bursting backpacks. My days become falling leaves and the rhythmic pulse of the sloshing dishwasher. I sit at my computer and realize that the long school and work hours, even the lack of sleep, don’t make me hate this time. I walk to my car and the air has a slight chill, but the red paint on my car is warm and my hand lingers on the hood. I think maybe I will stay there, touching that paint, until winter comes.

When I enter AHS the halls smell of lemony cleaner and I hear the squeak of shoes on a glossy floor. The gym closet smells of plastic and sweat and it is delicious. I bounce a basketball methodically, revering in the echoing sound.

I am alive, breathing an air more real than before.

A time of year I didn’t know I loved.


  1. Hey Regan! Wow, I really loved this piece of writing! I especially loved how you approached a common topic from a different angle-very rarely do you read about the sunshine of autumn, mostly it is the rain and falling leaves-it was a great reprieve from the cliches. I also loved the imagery you used, especially the hand on the hood of the car. At first, I thought you were referring to the hand print that is left sometimes in the summer from the sweat of our palms and that was a really fun image to see. My favorite though: how you used what we learned in class about synesthesia to describe the summer's rays sounding like Nora Jones and the Weepies. Thanks for sharing, I thoroughly enjoyed it! :) Oh, and your pic at the top is adorable - you and your hubby make a beautiful couple!
    --Courtney Bulsiewicz

  2. So sad I'm not there for this season!

  3. I never realized how much I loved fall until I was driving through the mountains today while listening to conference and it all just felt sort of perfect. Amazing.