Thursday, December 8

here are some not-terrible things in my life right now

-Conlin is alive and well
-I do not have cancer
-Nicolitalia's is still in business
-my car has a tank full of gas (though it does not, sadly, have a working heater)
-Despite finals week, I have not succumbed to stress-induced urges to die my hair some extremely unflattering color
-the dreams I have where I thought I dropped a class at the beginning of the semester, but hadn't, and was failing, are not indicative of reality--I double checked
-my boots are comfortable
-To my knowledge I have not developed a mental disorder; although, the mentally disabled are typically unaware of their condition, yes? Eh, well...
-Some guy in an elevator told me I looked like a famous person and I have chosen to believe he was alluding to someone like Katy Perry or Megan Fox, and not Alek Baldwin or Marilyn Manson.

After writing 30-something pages this week and still having about 15-20 to go, I needed a change of perspective. Enter: above list.

Happy finals/Christmas-prep weeks to you all.

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