Monday, December 5

sleep talking recorded.

I have been experiencing some end of semester crazies--namely, nighttime hallucinations. I can't get my brain to quite turn off, so I lay in an unpleasant and inefficient state of anxiety-laden in between. The upside, however, is that I sleep talk.
It might seem strange that I've classified this as an upside, but every now and then I just like to indulge my schizophrenic alter-ego. And it provides Conlin with some cheap and quality entertainment.
Now, for the good news. Conlin, being the quick-witted man that he is, pulled out his phone to record the tail end of one of my sleep rants the other night. He didn't catch much, but I still think it's worth a listen. My favorite part is the way Conlin tries to engage me in conversation--he totally enables my crazy. Enjoy.

I recommend turning the volume up.


  1. all i heard was girlfriends and gambling hahahah???

  2. I also talked about sons of anarchy...but it's hard to hear the conversation over my weird moans haha.

  3. My husband tries to talk to me when I talk in my sleep, too. It usually wakes me up, which ruins his fun. He's never thought to record me, though. A scary thought!