Sunday, February 12

Internet Safety

I'm taking a technology class with an emphasis in teaching. Thus far, I've created a class website and am currently working on an internet safety page. Whilst working on this, I left my page up while I went to grab something. When I came back, Conlin had commandeered my computer and was about to publish the following:

"So one day I was chatting online with a man I had met on He seemed really nice and genuine, plus his pictures of himself were sexy. While chatting he asked if I wanted to meet. I agreed. So we met at this park near my house. As he approached me at the park, I noticed that this man didnt look like the sexy guy in the pictures. He looked deformed and obese. I saw that he was packing heat. He forced me into his black box van. That day he did things to me that I cannot even speak about again. From this I learned that eharmony was more like epedophile."

Good heavens. And this is my life partner.

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