Friday, October 5

endearing complaints

Top right: "?!!!!! I HATE THIS FREAKING EVIL BOOK!!! IT SUPPORTS ABUSE.  DIE DIE DIE!!!" (From one of my sweet, seemingly shy students).

Bottom: "Dear students, From now on, if you wish to complain you must do it via song or dance.  Group numbers accepted."

Hi everyone.  If you're wondering when I'm going to stop blabbing about teaching, the answer is: maybe June.  But maybe not.  People--if I don't talk about teaching, all I have left is laundry and my lack of homemaking skills.  I am not exaggerating--that is my life.  Let me know if you'd rather hear about laundry.

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the gems born from my new complaint rule.

Firstly, two students are working on a "complaint duet."  One of them plays guitar, so this collaboration has some serious potential.

And then there was this moment: student X muttered something about the reading being too long.  To which I responded, "That sounded suspiciously like a complaint..." Without a moment's hesitation the student (male) got out of his seat, did a pirouette, and sat back down.

So, yeah.  


  1. You are awesome! I bet you kiids love you! Please viseo the preformance complaints....I wanna see :)!

  2. dear regan, please don't ever stop posting about teaching! they make my day! lol

  3. I love reading your teaching stories..they are great! Post more haha :)