Wednesday, November 21

filter needed

I had a student stop by yesterday to see what he had missed the previous day.  This student misses often, shows up 30 minutes late, is very vocal about his dislike for all things English, etc.

He grumbled, "I was..." [insert long pause whilst he searches for agreeable excuse] "...sick."

To which I wanted to respond, "Sick with bull-shittery?"

Thankfully I shoved that overly-jaded thought back down my throat and said something like, "I'm sorry you were sick.  Are you feeling better?"

Because, whoa.  Take it easy rapidly-aging-and-not-very-nice Regan.


  1. I call my seventh period "Hellians" on a regular basis.

    Also I admitted to watching the Bachelor Pad.

    ... I am so getting fired.

    Also, I wish you would have said what you thought and then I could live vicariously through you.