Wednesday, January 23

things students say

Student burst into class: "Mrs Gull!  I just peed so hard I PULLED MY BLADDER!"  [Then he doubled over clutching his...bladder?]

After I wrote a few lines on the board, one of my students shouted, "Is that supposed to be a comma?!"
Me: "No.  It's a semicolon."
Student: " may want to get your colon checked.  Get it?  Like colon cancer?"

After we said the pledge in first period, four students, in unison, shouted, "'MERICA!"  And sat down. I'm honestly unsure whether it was planned or not.

During a common assessment, my students read some articles about texting in America.  One article had a chart that displayed mean and median texts received daily.  Seemingly worried, one of my students waved me over.  "Mrs. Gull?  Why do Americans send so many mean texts?"



  1. Perfect. So amazing. I need to keep recording some of my student's saying!
    love this.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  2. So funny. Keep em coming, they're hilarious.