Thursday, February 7

sleep teaching, yo.

You know what's the worst?  [insert appropriately long guessing pause]  Gaining enough consciousness to realize you're sleep talking (in my case--sleep teaching) but not enough consciousness to gracefully recover from your weird mumblings.  That's what's the worst.  

[And, okay, "worst" is clearly a hyperbole here because because there are a plethora of things worse.  Just off the top of my head: genocide, starving children, racism, sexism, etc. etc.]

Anyway, last night I half-awoke to me stroking Conlin's hair and teaching a lesson.  All I remember saying is, "What may work better is not identifying the bad parts, but looking at what's working well..." And no, I can't explain the context for that admirable piece of advice.  Conlin remembers me raving about protagonists, antagonists, similes, and metaphors.  He said it was all very inspirational.  

Oh, and another worst thing: HR meetings.  This is not related to the above story, if you were wondering about the connection.  There isn't one, I just wanted to say: yuck.  HR meetings make me feel like I've sinned in an assortment of vile and ambiguous ways.  Like, I think the list of things that could get me fired is longer than the list of things that won't get me fired.  Comforting, no?

And...please conjure and insert a clever ending here.  


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  1. hahaha this is great. I love your blog.