Saturday, March 30

around here lately

It was Conlin's birthday on Thursday.  His present: a heart attack in the form of Coca Cola, Krispy Kremes and gross-flavored chips (Cooler Ranch, anyone?).  Also, a poster signed by some of my students who are strangely fixated on Conlin?  They want to be best friends with him, which, while I can't fault that desire, is just a little odd seeing as they don't know him.  Some even included their gamer tags because they are determined to play him in Call of Duty.  That's not going to happen, but the idea is decently entertaining.  

I'll keep my sentimental musings short, so as not to embarrass my cute husband.  My feelings in a sentence: I love that man more than pizza, Nutella, spin classes and perfectly-taylored dresses.  That's a lot of love.

Then yesterday, one of my students game into class ten minutes early.  He purposefully unzipped his backpack and mumbled, "I went to Macey's today and I don't know why, but I bought you this."  He pulled out a massive Symphony bar, set it on my desk, and then sat down and began to read.  

So that--cough--non-existent list of favorite students I totally don't have?  Well, that kid might be on there.  Except for that it doesn't exist.  But, you know...if it did?
Although it totally thwarted my attempts at good health.  Because I stayed home from spin and ate chocolate instead.  But at least I failed while feeling loved.

I did make it to spin today, though.  And it was a lovely experience.  Sweat, loud music, and a fantastic endorphin rush.  I worked out so hard I got lockjaw, though (it's just this thing my body does...I try to be good, and it punishes me).  BUT the positive, here, is that it forced me to drink my green smoothie because I couldn't chew very well.  And it wasn't as gross as expected--just tasted like the workers at Jamba juice accidentally added a cup of dirt to my smoothie.  I drank it while in the throes of Ender's Game, which probably helped as well.  Also, the sun was shining and the birds chirping and...what a Saturday.  I love this weekend already.


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  1. how nice of your student to give you candy! i wish mine were old enough to do that! what grade do you teach?