Tuesday, March 26

this is not a real post

[Roald Dahl, Flannery O'Connor, Richard Wright.  Author cards for an upcoming activity that has equal opportunity for being disastrous or awesome.]

Here are some thoughts that do not warrant individual posts but maybe deserve a post if presented as a collective whole question mark?

  • One of my students told me that, after serious consideration, he decided I should name a future child Sea.  So that they could be Sea Gull.  
  • I went off script the other day and told a joke while teaching totally flopped.  Like, it was the least funny thing I've ever said.  And the thing is, as soon as I started I knew it wasn't going to go well but I was already well on my way and just stuck it out.  Some of my more generous students gave me a pity laugh, but most averted their eyes (because who wants to lock eyes with a failed jokester?).  
  • A student brought me a 2 liter of Coca Cola in an attempt at grade bribery.  Except I don't drink Coca Cola.  
  • While at lunch Saturday, I saw an overweight, middle-aged man sitting alone.  Periodically he would slip on sunglasses (yes, whilst inside the restaurant) and then take pictures of himself.  The flash rebounded nicely off the sunglass lenses.  I wish we were friends.  


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