Tuesday, March 5

billie jean

Here's what happens when you mesh my favorite artists/songs:

Are you freaking kidding me Civil Wars?  Like, really?
If you need to find me I'll be sitting on my bed methodically nodding my head as this song plays on repeat.  There might even be snapping of fingers.  But no singing.  Lesser songs have been ruined by my vocal chords.

Aaaaalso, I'm in the market for a more acceptable expletive to replace my flagrant use of both the word, "freaking," and "effing."  But I'd like the replacements to have a similar vibe.  And yet make me seem more articulate/intelligent/awesome.  Suggestions?  Go-to expletives?  Let me have 'em!


1 comment:

  1. ahhhh i went to the civil wars concert last year, and they played this. AMAZEballs!!