Tuesday, March 5

'It's Too Heavy' | An Oscar-Worthy Toddler Tantrum

Am I weird for watching this video multiple times a day ever since I discovered it?  Even weirder if it sorta-kinda-possibly made me a tinge baby hungry?  (Only a tinge, Conlin.  Calm.  Down.)

I glanced at the youtube comments, which was an utter mistake.  Cue: the least qualified humans sanctimoniously proffering ill-crafted theories on parenting and discipline.  Cue: gag reflex.

However, there were a couple gems:

*Slow clap* Amazing, mesmerizing performance. The anguish! The pain! The tears! She's tantruming at a 5 or 6yr old level, at least. Brava!

I don't want to judge other people's parenting styles, but this is just awful.  Why is he forcing her to lift a bowl that is OBVIOUSLY WAY TOO HEAVY FOR HER TO LIFT?!?!? What kind of monster is this guy?


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