Sunday, March 17

sunday snapshots

Our landlord employed construction workers to do some landscaping and their primary gathering spot is just outside our window.  Here's Conlin's solution:

Me: Man, you really that worried they'll see us reading?  The scandal.
Conlin: I just hate knowing they could walk by at any second and make eye contact.
Me: Eye contact?  That's the primary concern here?  Huh.
Conlin: Yeah.  Like my solution?

And then later:
[After I spotted his sweatpants]
Me: So, you know how you've worn those sweats all our marriage?  It's kind of weird we've never addressed that they're floods.  Like, I'm totally fine with it.  I dig them.  Just...they're a good four inches from the floor.
Conlin: Well, I normally low-ride them but I'm not wearing any underwear today.
Me: Oh.

He's a problem-solver, that one.


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