Friday, March 22

things students say

Male student: "Your head looks weird like that."
Me: "As in, with a ponytail?"
Student: "Yeah."
Me: [Something snarky.  Not important.]
Different student who probably wanted extra credit: "I think it looks pretty like that."
Me: "Thank you.  But let's stop talking about my head."

Also this week: got called out on my outfit repeating.  I found a shirt/skirt combo that just worked, so,  sure, I wore it Monday and Tuesday.  A day/B day prerogative, no?  Anyway, as I was walking down the hall I heard a [very loud], "MRS. GULL!!!" [You could hear the exclamation points].
I turned around, somewhat baffled. "Yes?"
Student: "You wore that yesterday."
Me: [laughing] "That's why you were chasing after me?  Well, now you know: I am a shameless outfit-repeater."
The student just nodded, seemingly proud of his detective work.


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