Tuesday, April 30

and now for some good news

1. I have been officially hired by Lehi High School and will be teaching regular and honors 10th and 11th grade English next year.  Aaaaalso, I'll be coaching basketball [assistant varsity coach with an emphasis on coaching sophomores].  Sometimes life is just good to me.  Oh--and seeing as I will indefinitely be a Lehi "Pioneer", my mother has offered me unlimited use of her pioneer bonnet.  I'm thinking maybe instead of dressing up on game days, we'll wear bonnets?  Cross your fingers that catches.

2. We started literature circles in class a week ago and I've heard some pretty spectacular things from my students.  One student, self-proclaimed hater of reading, was harassing his book group for not reading enough.  Him: "Guys!  It's actually funny."  And a student from a neighboring group: "It's actually good!" Then another stayed after class to tell me, "You may actually make a reader out of me with this book."
...Notice the "actually" pattern?  They're sincerely shocked reading can function as other than the harshest means of punishment.  But I will take all the "actually"s in the world, because they need some actually realizations before they can become readers.

3. I coerced Conlin into having a picnic with me up the canyon.  I am not above coercion when the goal is noble [said every fascist, ever].

After listening to 97.1 bash the amount of time we spend small talking about weather, I've been trying to avoid doing just that.  But...haven't the last few days been something?



  1. Yay! Congrats. I found out this week that I get to stay at my school, too :)

  2. You don't even know me, but I adore your blog! I just think you're the cutest thing, and love following your posts.

  3. They'd be dumb not to hire you! Congratulations!