Thursday, April 25

meet my students

Let me explain the essence of my students:

If a Monster energy drink became a human?  Yeah.  They're like that.  

It was yesterday during lunch when it struck me that I was teaching humanized sugar and caffeine. After this rather duh realization, one of my students came in chugging a Redbull.  He then perched on his chair and announced, "I could, like, totally do an ironman right now.  That's how I feel!  I really think I could just go do one like right now."  

And then another student came in sniffing a piece of gum.  As he plopped into his desk he yelled (everything's a yell.  Why is that?), "This smells like a freshly baked apple pie in my nose!" The in my nose was staccato.  He then shoved a piece in his mouth and continued, "Ooooh my gosh.  Oh.  If the next bite is this good- Oh! APPLE PIE IN MY MOUTH HOLE."  

Cue: me, at desk, shaking head.  

These little people tire me out.  But oh what I wouldn't give for a small portion of their energy.  Or, better yet, what I wouldn't give for them to direct their energy at English-related projects... [This is the part where, if you were my students, you'd shake your head and be like, "Oh Mrs. Gull..." and make me feel really old and quintessentially unhip.]


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