Sunday, April 21

cabin + movie + etcetera

I am documenting this weekend because it is a landmark of sorts: I did something other than read, eat, and go to the gym.  And isn't that the definition of landmark?

After work, I went to a cabin with the basketball team I used to coach.  Brooke, this year's head coach, brought their 1st place trophy [she's tentatively named, "Wilson."] so that they could, "...spend more time with her."  She even buckled Wilson up for the drive--she had her own seat and everything.

Once there, we had a commonplace evening in which a Harlem Shake video was made, too much candy was consumed, and the movie Hoosiers was watched.  And here's an unfortunate truth: I would have been completely content to go to bed at nine [okay eight.  Maybe even seven?].  Oh my aged soul!  But I persevered--I stayed mostly conscious throughout the movie's entirety, which ended at eleven.  After which, I had to accept my inability to party like a rockstar, and slipped into the back bedroom to sleep.  But.  But but but.  Sleep was not to be had.  As soon as I curled up under the scratchy plaid blanket, it started.

Rave music.  Rave dancing.  Rave screaming.  Inhibitions be damned, these girls were partying!
This was sad for two reasons:

1. I was deliriously tired.
2. I am 22 and already the crotchety lady in the back room wishing for sleep.  I should have been shaking ma thang with them!  Not grumbling with a pillow smushed against my ear.

But it was happy for some reasons, too:

1. They were having a grand time.
2. Memories were made.
3. Dancing is awesome.  Their dancing, specifically.

Once the music stopped, there was a brief, peaceful noise reprieve, before the shrieking started.  I was too disoriented to understand the happenings, but apparently someone had been banging on the door.  Of the cabin.  In the woods.  Pretty much, the start to every scary movie these girls have ever seen.  So, the end result was this: everyone barricaded themselves into the back room with me.  And we survived the night!


Quick summative testimony of their greatness: one of the team members, Carlynn, couldn't make it.  Instead of accepting this defeat, they made a cardboard cutout of her head, and took it with them everywhere.  It's in all the pictures, and you best believe they even took to talking to it/her.  I heard, at one point, someone mumble, "Stop being so antisocial Carlynn.  Get over here!"  Awesome, no?


After leaving the cabin [and situating broken car problems], I drove home.  And promptly crashed on my bed.  [Like I said...90-year-old in da house!]  Then, we went to Wing Nutz and The Place Beyond the Pines.

I have conflicted feelings concerning this movie.  I thought it would be psychologically similar to Gosling's Blue Valentine, which I loved.  There were similarities--Gosling being an endearing, tortured soul, for one--but the movie took an unexpected turn.  I'm still situating my thoughts.
My overall reaction was: "Huh."  

Still in progress.  My forecast: a short run and some tacos.  Laughs with family.  Etcetera.

Hope your weekend was grand.


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