Friday, July 5


I haven't written for awhile because I've been suffering from, among other things, an almost constant Nutella hangover.  And if you think I'm the type of person to push through an ailment of that severity... thanks for your misplaced faith, but I am not.  In fact, the only reason I am writing at this very moment is because I figured out how to make my pictures triangles.

But, onwards!  If you would be so kind as to indulge a listy-type post, I have both too much to say, and nothing to say at all, and a list may be the crutch I need.

:: Summer School: I started teaching summer school last week.  I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, most of which would send you into a bored stupor.  I shall try to practice restraint and only relay the necessary tidbits.  For starters, let me say this of the demographic: I have had to instate rules that should be, at this point in their school careers, assumed.  Like, Don't Say the F-word, and Don't Chuck Pencils at Others' Heads.  In theory, these should fall under the umbrella of my originally-instated rules, but seem to need individual emphasis.  Oh, well.  I did grow up in a family that had the standing rule Don't Pee in SuperSoakers, so I guess this isn't entirely new territory.

:: The Drink: The other day one of my students walked into class, glanced about the classroom, and slid an Arctic Circle soft drink onto my desk with a curt nod.  He then made shifty eyes at his friends and they peaked at my desk.  Throughout the lesson they would periodically ask whether I had tried the drink.  I told them their guilty glances did not instill drink-related confidence.

I'm pretty sure they wouldn't dare pee/spit in it...but what if?  The drink remained untouched.

:: Hall Monitor: During my prep period the other day I was walking to the copy center when one of the new hall monitors stopped me to ask what class I should be in.  When I told her I was actually a teacher, she looked positively mortified.  She proceeded by taking off her classes, cleaning them, and looking me over again.  She then proclaimed with unnecessary conviction, " I see.  Yes, you're definitely a teacher.  My glasses were foggy!"  I just smiled and said, "And I also look like a student.  It's okay."

:: Cats Mating: Conlin and I sleep with the window open.  Periodically we'll hear strange animal noises; with a history of vicious raccoons living under the deck, we'd assumed we were hearing the results of a raccoon fight club.  While telling my mother-in-law such, she casually asked, "Are you sure it's not just cats mating?"  I responded, "As I am unfamiliar with that sound, I cannot say."  She seemed genuinely surprised I didn't possess such seemingly-common knowledge.  So naturally we youtubed it.  Oooooh, good heavens.  That is just something you cannot unsee/unhear.  My mind will be ever seared with what I can only label as sexual misconduct.

:: Conlin: And now for some more orthodox news, Conlin got a promotion!  This announcement is a bit late [like I said...been busy wit' Nutella] but I felt it should be announced regardless.  That Conlin sure is something.  And I hope he's not appalled at what could be classified as pseudo-PDA.

And...the end?  The end.


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