Sunday, November 10

things students say

:: As my students were lining up the other day, one of my traditionally quiet male students approached another girl and tapped her shoulder.  "Do you have a phone?"  Taken aback, she replied, "Huh?" Holding up and pointing at his phone, the boy repeated, "Do you have a phone?"  The girl answered in the affirmative.  He followed with a suave, "Can I have your number?"

...meanwhile, I'm at my desk pretending not to listen but totally beaming.

:: While working on introductory clauses, my students developed sentence-starters that the rest of the class had to finish.  For example, "Since I stopped brushing my teeth, " or "Before I noticed the gawking man,".  They were all working with the same beginnings, but finishing them according to their fancy.  After a couple minutes, I heard a student bellow, "Nick!  You can't finish all your sentences with, 'Todd is gay!'"  And sure enough, his friend has scribbled that intellectually stimulating phrase at the end of every sentence. ["Since I stopped brushing my teeth, Todd is gay.  Before I noticed the gawking man, Todd is gay."]

:: I have one student that stops by my classroom at the end of every school day to say bye.  I'll be sifting through homework, or drafting a lesson, when my door will swing open.  He gives me a quick, frantic wave and yells, "Bye Mrs. Gull!"  And it just about saves my day, every day.

:: And the kicker.  On Thursday I opened my email to see the subject header, "Abstinence."  Dreading the potential direction this correspondence could take, I opened it.  One of my female students was wondering how to make up her, "abstinence" in my class.  I thought about responding, "I'd rather you didn't make it up, actually, as I promote abstinence in the classroom."  I'm just going to assume she wrote that after downing some Nyquil?


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  1. This is hilarious. Your posts make me so excited to teach!