Tuesday, December 31

I'm Here

I am inebriated with to-do lists and writers block.  But I'm here, which is a start.  Using my students as models, I offer you a list of excuses for my absence:

: Basketball season started and has completely taken over my life in a lovely, yet sleep-depriving way.
: We bought a house.  And moved.  This bullet point entails about ten additional excuses alone.
: We didn't have internet for a good while.
: We went on a cruise.  [This is the excuse that makes you really sympathize with me, huh?]

I realize that my absence impacted few to none of you (if anyone's still there?), but felt a neurotic need to justify my behavior regardless.

My writing muscles are tight from neglect, so I'm now going to mercilessly throw cruise pictures at you.    Before we begin, a fun fact: I only gained three pounds (???) on this cruise.  Unless I misread the scale and it was actually thirteen, the only way this makes sense is this: some of my muscle atrophied and was replaced by pizza and ice cream cones.  And with that segue, photos.

If you noticed an increase in photograph quality, let me first thank you for noticing.  And then let me admit: these were all my father's doing.  As illustrated by the fog picture, the man knows how to work an iPhone camera.



  1. Regan you're awesome! and you were missed! hope the cruise was a could it not be?