Monday, April 14

Spring Break

Despite the fact my knees look extra fleshy in the above photo, that picture is everything that was lovely about my spring break.  Reading, basketball socks, and sunshine. 

However, I know that summative picture is not enough to quench your what did Regan do during spring break? thirst, and so I present to you a list of my many and varied accomplishments last week:

:: I ate whole cartons of strawberries in single porch-reading sessions. 
:: I drove to the grocery store multiple times to buy single items, because I had time.
:: I went to the gym (sometimes twice a day) and listened to delightful audiobooks whilst on the stairmaster.  I thought it was time to supplement my workouts with something other than Kanye West's Blackskin.
:: I finished five books: Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me?, I am the Messenger, Galveston, The Handmaid's Tale, and Warriors Don't Cry.  These were not the books I should have read for educational purposes, which made them all the more delightful.
:: I played a lot of basketball.  We held open gym over the break and a total of two coaches (me and one other) and two athletes showed up.  So we indulged in two-on-two. 
:: I seriously considered getting my car washed and detailed, and then didn't.  I mention it because the mental preparation required for a car wash extravaganza is enough to warrant recognition. 
:: I graded a handful of papers and then decided that it was my moral obligation to mentally recover, and stopped doing all things teacherly.  (And, dramatically enough, I started to taste bile every time I thought about grading, which was warning enough for me).
:: I made our bed everyday. 
:: I kept our house immaculate, and then sighed theatrically in delight at its cleanliness. 
:: I went to the nearby park and swung by myself, solidifying my neighbors' fears that they live amongst a pedophile.  [I'm not, guys.  I just like to swing and don't think that should be taken off the table simply because I'm 23].

I hope my unabashed declaration of accomplishments didn't make you feel inadequate.  Not everyone can eat strawberries and look pedophilac- it's my special gift.  I'm sure you have one, too.


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