Wednesday, May 5

oh regan. so strange

I'm probably the most normal weird person you'll meet. For the most part I trick people into thinking I am just that--normal; but those on the inside (conlin, my family, a select group of friends) know better. I am quite strange. There. It's out in the open.

Here's just a glimpse of what it's like inside my head:
I was driving home from work when I realized I was speeding. This is a rarity so I began evaluating my surroundings to see what may have contributed to this occurrence. I noticed everyone was speeding, including the elderly woman next to me (probably in her 80's). I then wondered why this was so. Maybe there was some threat of which I was unaware. The drivers could be trying to escape a herd of angry motorcyclists, or, more likely, a tornado. If there was indeed a tornado spinning my way, what should I do? I had to have a plan. Mine and Conlin's apartment is probably not the best place to be during such a disaster, but say we were already there when we learned of the tornado? It would be best to stay put, and our bathroom , though still not optimal, would probably be the safest place. If we had a slight warning maybe we could grab our valuables, securing them in the bathroom with us. But what would even constitute valuables? My jeans? Yeah. Probably. But would they even be in danger? They're tucked safely away in my dresser. I guess I could just grab them to be safe.

Then I pulled up to our apartment, amazed at my thought process. Where did this whole tornado dilemma come from? Oh..right. Speeding. Should have suspected such.

And that, my friends, is a rather common occurrence. I understand why Conlin may seem confused during some of our conversations. It would be rough trying to follow...

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