Monday, May 10

ode de conlin

WARNING: this post may be overly-sentimental and nausea inducing. Sorry.

Really, I'm typically not excessively saccharine (my new favorite word), but lately I have just been overwhelmed by my wonderful husband. I hope this isn't terribly sacrilegious but I kinda feel like God created me and then, being in an exceedingly good mood, created Conlin to perfectly fit my every want.

Seriously, Conlin is just so cute I don't know what to do with myself. Ever since I was little I've had this weird habit where, when faced with something/someone I find adorable (a cute baby, for instance) I get so overwhelmed with adoration that I...I dunno...tense up. I even clench my teeth. It's the weirdest thing, and it makes me look abusive rather than loving, but I just can't help it. Conlin loves teasing me about it, as he should. I look like a crazy person. I'm like, "Oh you're just so cute" as I'm clenching me teeth looking angry. I'm sure this was confusing to him at first, but he now knows how to interpret the teeth-clenching so all is well.

But wait, here's a better way to explain that: you know how little kids sometimes love their little pets so much they squeeze them to death? Well my tensing/teeth-clenching thing is kinda like that.

And Conlin is not just a looker--he's weird as can be, and so funny. My life with him is like one continuous belly laugh; you know, the laughing that shakes you all the way through and often results in lack of air? In fact, he's currently singing a twisted version of Jay-Z--off rhythm and void of any gangsterness. He always talks and sings in this delightful falsetto (it's delightful in that it in no way really resembles singing), which I find highly entertaining. And he likes to think himself gangster, but one falsetto performance is all it takes to dispel any chance he had at being considered such. Oh Conlin.

He is also blessed with the ability to find my potentially irritating quirks endearing. Could I be any luckier? I don't know if I really deserve to be married to Conlin, but I think God let me because he knew I would appreciate him. My husband is just the best: kind, unassuming, funny. And did I mention he's tall, dark and handsome? Yeah. Life rocks.

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