Wednesday, June 16

dream job

Sadly, I am not blogging to declare the obtaining of my dream job, only that I have found it. I am in love. I want to be a court clerk. (Admit thought I was about to say something a little more glamorous, huh? Well, let me explain...)

Not only would this job make me feel grown-up and somewhat more connected to my favorite Law and Order characters, but it would be incredibly interesting. And fulfilling. And all sorts of wonderful.

And I could totally wear my boyfriend jacket to work (and no that's not the real reason I want the job, just a fashionable bonus). It even fits with my school schedule, which is down-right miracle. It would just be so fast-pace and exciting....and...

Okay you get the point. I'm practically hyperventilating I'm so in love with this job. There's only one thing--I won't get it. You have to have court experience, an area in which I sadly fall short. (They also prefer paralegal and criminal justice majors). But you know what? Although I am most definitely facing rejection, something I've always feared, I think I am going to apply. Yeah you heard me court officials! You're gonna have to turn me down in person. (Although they could probably just mail me a rejection notice...)

I'm just setting myself up for failure, but oh well. A girl's gotta hope. (Plus, rejection would probably justify a Papa Johns/ice cream night).

Love you all.

Oh, and here's a copy of the job description:

"Maintains all court dockets, proceedings, and records; enters citations from the Police Dept on a daily basis and enters them in the log book and computer; generates a follow-up list; prepares the court calendar; attends court while it is in session; records orders and sentences of the Judge for each defendant; schedules appointments; does follow-up actions including warning letters, orders to show cause and warrants; updates warrant list and reviews payment agreement files with the Judge; compiles month-end reports; compiles failure to appear and failure to show cause reports for the Judge; does criminal and driver license history checks; contacts witnesses, attorneys, and litigants to obtain information for the court; performs other related duties."

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